Real World Entertainments Presents Arjan. Starring Roshan Prince, Prachi Tehlan, B.N. Sharma, Shivendra Mahal, Nirmal Rishi, Baninderjit Singh and many more.
Real World Entertainments Ltd is an Indian motion picture production company based out of New Delhi, India. The company was founded in 2013 under the management of Mr. Jagdish Chopra and Mr. Puneet Chopra. Real World has established a fully fledged film studio in India with its activities span across creative development, production, marketing, distribution, licensing, merchandising and syndication of films in India and worldwide.
The company’s first production venture is a Punjabi movie titled “Arjan” starring talented actors like Roshan prince, Prachi Tehlan, B.N. Sharma, Nirmal etc, which is scheduled to release on May 5th, 2017.
Real World Entertainments is a professional Media Production Company. We bring unparalleled experience of bringing to life, your audio, visual, motion and still content. We pride ourselves in bringing the best talent pool along with coordination skills and effective resource management to produce the best-in-class output for our Projects.
With a support of an experienced creative team we are capable of delivering turn key projects that include everything from idea generation, scripting, artiste management, language dubbing, voice over, music, editing and post production.
Message From The Director ( Mr. Puneet Chopra)
An idea itself is a prelude to a fantastic creation. Just that it needs to be polished, crafted and pushed to the limits to become extraordinary. All you need is a vision and the ability to think different. If you are happy with what work you have done, people are definitely going to love it.
Spur yourself every minute with things more challenging, and don't ever wait to begin, because ideas do not wait for anyone.
We work for dreams. We work for ideas with a belief that any and everything can be depicted beautifully.
"Humans have the power to act on what they believe. I trust my abilities and act on my beliefs".